The general meeting, where all participants gather for a time of worship and either a teaching or a testimony is our LARGE GROUP. The Large Group acts as the top of the funnel moving people toward changed lives through Christ's power. It is a non threatening meeting where someone can come and see what recovery is all about, without having to commit to sharing any of their hurts, habits, or hang ups. The Large Group meets for one hour.

At the conclusion of the Large Group, participants are excused to attend groups that are gender specific (men’s and women’s groups), and recovery issue specific in larger Celebrate Recovery ministries. These are the OPEN SHARE GROUPS. The leader of the Open Share group facilitates the use of the small group guidelines keeping the group a safe place to share life's struggles and victories. By attending these Open Share groups, experiencing the safety and encouragement of the group, and hearing others share of their victories and changed lives, participants will funnel into the third type of group, the STEP STUDY GROUP.

The Step Study is a two hour meeting meeting on a different day of the week from the Large Group and Open Share Groups. The Participants guides are used in this group, working through them one question at a time. The leader facilitates the small group guidelines, keeping the group focused on the questions and moving forward. It is here that the healing takes place, and lives are changed.

Large Group

Read the Steps or Principles
Teach lesson from the Celebrate Recovery Leaders Guide or Testimony
Serenity Prayer
No obligation to share
Mixed group
Dismiss to Open Share groups or Recovery 101
Information Table

Open Share Group

Recovery Issue Specific
Follows Large Group
Gender specific
One Hour meeting
Share struggles and victories
Acknowledge sobriety (chips)
Open to newcomers
Find a Sponsor or accountability partner
Follow the 5 Small Group guidelines

Step Study Group

Use Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides
Answer and discuss questions at the end of each lesson of the guides
Two hour meeting
Gender specific
Mixed recovery OR recovery issue specific
High level of accountability
Weekly attendance expected
Follow the 5 Small Group guidelines
Meets an additional day of the week


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