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Living As If: Living into What if possibilities

1 Live As If

  • What is your focus?  That determines HOW you will live.  
  • As if living requires As-if decision making 
  • Suffering & Victorious Living have a place in As if living 
  • As if living requires taking action 
  • As if living will stretch you  
  • As if living results in being a Change Agent   


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Previous Sermon Series

What if …?
Rebuilding the Foundations of Family and Community Life.
Feb. 26 - April 9

  1. What if my relationships could become healthy?  Hiring the right master builder to inspect and repair the broken walls. (Trusting and turning to Jesus to help repair broken and damaged relationships.)
  2. What if I stopped blaming others for my part of the mess in my relationships? Discovering the real causes for the cracks in the walls. (Letting Jesus show us our own sin and help us to start dealing with it.)
  3. What if I learned to handle the hurts caused by others well?  Structural integrity for the wall in the midst of storms.  (Leaning on Jesus’ strength to help us deal well with people who are hurting us.)
  4. What if I accepted and offered forgiveness to others?  Adding new mortar to the loose bricks in the wall.  (Getting specific in my confessions, learning to make amends and offer and accept forgiveness.)
  5. What if I replaced my bad habits with new good habits?  Transforming our relationships one brick at a time by turning in crumbling bricks for new bricks.  (Jesus transforms families and communities one person at a time, one step at a time.)
  6. What if I stopped dreaming and claimed the new reality Jesus is offering me?   Parging the walls with a protective coating.  (Jesus died to give us a new life and offers himself as a covering over us.)

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