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Redeemer Staff Opening – Communications Coordinator

If you are interested in knowing more about this 10 hr/wk, part-time opportunity to serve our Lord, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Personnel Ministry Team will respond with additional information about the position duties and salary.


Job Responsibilities for Communications Coordinator

-- Underlying Assumption --

This position description defines the responsibilities of the Communications Coordinator. It is assumed that applicants for this position believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.


-- General Responsibilities – Communications Coordinator --

  • Responsible for developing a comprehensive communication plan, in conjunction with staff, to promote the ministries of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Duties include the design, editing and publication of magazine articles, newsletters, and brochures as well as business publications such as the annual report, church directory and handbooks.
  • Maintains church Facebook page and other social media. Researches, writes and edits information included on the church website, social media, and print and electronic publications.
  • Produces and coordinates communications work sent to outside vendors including participation in decisions regarding the selection of vendors.
  • Manages advertising and public relations and is responsible for creating all communications for the church and to external media outlets (print, television, radio) and social outlets.


-- Detailed Responsibilities – Communications Coordinator --

1. Attend and participate in staff meetings when requested and use these meetings as a source of information to be communicated to the Redeemer family and general public.

2. Managing Redeemer’s church website – www.redeemer.us : This responsibility includes:

1.1 Keeping all areas of the existing website current
1.2 Adding new content to the website to communicate Redeemer’s mission and ministry activities to members and non-members. This is a kind of “beat reporter” role.
1.3 Engages and works with website contractor to update and improve website communication techniques.

3. Manage Social Media presence for Redeemer. This responsibility includes:

2.1 Keep Redeemer’s existing Facebook page up-to-date.
2.2 Expand the use of the Facebook page and other social media to communicate Redeemer’s mission and activities to members and non-members.
2.3 Investigate, recommend, and implement other social and “print” media forums to inform members and the general public about Redeemer’s missions and activities.

4. Publish and distribute a Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly emailed newsletter to communicate recent, current and future events happening within our church.

5. Uses listening, communication, and teamwork skills to communicate the plans of staff and ministry leaders in an inspiring way in order to spark interest and participation in services, classes, missions, and other events by the congregation and community.

6. Communicates the need for volunteers among ministry leaders and the congregation. Institute rapid volunteer notification methods i.e., call trees, social media sign-up mechanisms, etc.

-- Job Skills –

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work as a team member
  • Familiarity with Redeemer family, leadership, and staff is desirable
  • Skilled in effective website communication techniques
  • Skilled in the use of Facebook and other social media for effective communication
  • Skilled in, and familiar with, the use of web-based databases for volunteer registration
  • Experience in using “traditional” media (“print,” television, radio) to communicate and publicize organizational activities is desirable.



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